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GBS SYSTEMS & SERVICES PVT LTD well known as GBS today, was established in the year 1994, as a proprietary concern partnering with Intel from the first day of its inception. The next achievement was its establishment as a Private Limited Company in 2006. With the esteemed ISO 9001 certification in 2008 raising the company on par with major players in the industry, GBS has evolved into a Total Solution Provider and partner of reputed companies.

We are in the way, the market was changing..! Individuals begin to adore PC for their regular utilize, Our another decent achievement GBS initiated the #1 retailing PC showroom in India. Over 27 Years of ruggedness and encounter the accomplishment behind our development. Currently we have an exclusive outlet for leading brands Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo till..! Individuals always interested in receiving upcoming innovations, So GBS additionally fulfills itself and clients with current advancements. Yes..! after fruitful dispatch of PC showroom, GBS gets into another gigantic market, i.e. laptop showroom in Tamilnadu we appreciate this as well. Presently we enroll more over 13+ branches in Tamilnadu.

GBs also expanded itself to laptop service centers in Tamilnadu. we make a new era for laptop users..! our techies have ideal experience and more familiar to handle laptop issues, so they can provide proficient quality nuance laptop service to people. currently, We have 21 direct service centers in South India. we are keenly intended to magnify our business to the South India region in present years. we hope and we will be top-notch.


We are #1 in Tamilnadu in Laptop sales & Laptop Service. We will be #1 in India with in two years.


We will make GBS as a one of the cash rich company in India, through that we will educate over 1000+ poor students annually. One day GBS growth will be a case study for IIM Students.

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